Parent with Joy and Energy

Bring Out the Best In You and Your Kids by Focusing On Strengths

What Are Strengths...?

What Exactly Do They Have Do With Parenting?

1. Strengths Are The Best Parts of You

Strengths are the parts of your personality that bring you enjoyment, excellence, and energy. 

2. Everyone Has Strengths

Each person has their own positive and unique patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (STRENGTHS). Your strengths explain and predict how you see, feel, and act in this world.

3. Investing In Strengths Brings Out the Best In You and Your Kids

In order for your children to "live their best lives", you have to help them become their best selves. You can only do that by focusing on their strengths -- what is right and good in them.

How Can Strengths Help Me and My Family?

And will it require a lot of work...I'm already exhausted


focusing on strengths leads to:

  • More happiness and joy in their parenting
  • Great confidence in their ability to successfully raise their children
  • Improved ability to cope with problems
  • Less depression and anxiety
  • Improved relationships with their family

For KIDS, 

having parents that focus on their strengths leads to:

  • More happiness and positive emotions at home and at school
  • Greater engagement in school
  • Reduced risk of depression and anxiety
  • More resilience and ability to cope with stress and adversity
  • Higher levels of physical fitness

Focusing On Strengths Will Bring You More Energy, Happiness, and Success

And no, it won't require a lot of work

3 Easy Steps to Focus On Strengths Today!


DISCOVER Your Family's Strengths

Your strengths journey starts with discovery. Take a few minutes to focus on you at your best. Then do the same for each of your children. 

You can use the IncredibleParent or IncredibleKids assessment to help in this discovery stage, or you can download this free Strengths Discovery worksheet.


LEARN More About Your Family's Strengths and Share Your Discoveries

You can learn more about your family' strengths by signing up for the IncredibleFamilies blog. We will send you regular information -- in bit size chunks -- about your strengths, and also give you practical tips and strategies for putting your strengths to work. When you take any of the Incredible Assessments, we will also send you a wealth of resources about your unique strengths.

We also invite you to join the IncredibleFamily Community. Join us. Share your strengths. Ask and answer questions. Get advice from IncredibleCoaches (strengths coaches who are certified to help you become an IncredibleFamily). We are all on this journey together. 


FOCUS on Strengths Every Day

Like with any new habit, this will take some time at first. But start small and be consistent. Do something every day to focus on your strengths as a parent, and encourage the strengths of your children. 

We created a FREE ebook that will help you start developing your kids strengths TODAY. 

There is more that you can do, but this is a great place to start.